Never Give Up

It is very easy to say that you should never give up but there are times when you do feel like chances are bleak. This can be during studies, at work or at something random.

But should we give up? No you shouldn’t. Why? Let me share few real life experiences. One fine day I was travelling to Worli via Bandra-Worli Sealink in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. I did have a pass but unfortunately the pass was not getting detected by the system. I waited for almost 7 minutes but every attempt turned out to be unsuccessful. The person at the toll asked me to pay for the ticket. This agitated me and I asked him to keep the pass and left. After about 3 hrs, when I left from Worli, the person who was with me did ask me, do you still want to travel via the Bandra-Worli Sea-Link and my answer was a Yes. However he was skeptical about it. For me it was an instantaneous answer because it is my right and I have to fight for my right sometimes. Once I reached the Sea-Link, I talked to the person at toll and guess what, everything worked fine. There was an issue with the system and not the pass. #NeverGiveUp

How many times have you been given a chocolate instead of change while buying something?? Many a times right… I don’t like this. It’s like, I just don’t want to have the chocolate, just give me my change. If the shopkeeper doesn’t have change, its a different thing but if the shopkeeper has the change, they still give you a chocolate. Many of us just take it and leave, thinking who will waste time behind it but if we keep doing this, imagine the amount of money you lose behind these petty things. We keep trying to reduce our expenses, why not begin here. You will spend 15 minutes behind it but next time you go the shopkeeper will never fight back with you regarding the change 😎. So fight for the change and #NeverGiveUp on anything. Once you start giving up on things, you start losing.

Let me give another example. Being a student of University of Mumbai, we have to submit some documents for getting the paper re-evaluated. I have always avoided re-evaluation due to the tedious process. However, it was not me but my friend whose paper had to be sent for re-evaluation. The situation looks good up till now. But here comes the problem. My friend was in Rajasthan and the last day for submission was just round the corner (like next day). I collected the re-evaluation form and filled in the details. Along with the form, we have to submit our attested copy of statement of marks of previous semesters. Luckily, I did have a one day buffer. I contacted my friend and asked him to give it to the watchman which he did and on the way back home, I collected his marksheets. Next day when I went to submit, the office staff rejected saying you can’t submit on someone’s behalf. As it requires the signature of the person who wants re-evaluation to be done. Moreover the University has strict rules regarding this (which is totally correct to avoid any issues later). So at this moment, for few minutes, I was just thinking what to do. And I did think of dropping off the idea of submitting the form. But then comes the friendly love which forces you to do something for your friend. I think God did want me to help my friend. At that very moment, I spotted the Principal of my college and conveyed my friends problem. On receiving approval of Principal and post authorisation of my friend via Email (marked to me and the Principal) and SMS, I proceeded. Things were going fine. But just when things work well, some speed-breakers keep coming your way. The Principal didn’t receive the mail for almost 15 minutes and I am running out of time. But once he did, I ran back to the office staff, to submit the documents. Right when he was making the entry of the documents, he asked me to submit ₹610 to the finance desk. I had just INR 600. There is no one around me from where I could borrow ₹10. So I ran down to my car and luckily found ₹50 in the car. When I went back to pay, the office lady says No change, your work won’t get done. This is very annoying. But keeping my anger aside, I asked every single person (even the peon) on the floor for change of ₹50. And then I found a guy, who did give me the change and later submitted the document. These 2 hrs were one of the most troublesome moments of my life but when it is for someone whom you know since a very long time, you do it willingly with some hiccups. Right after this I called up my friend and just blasted at him for making me do this 😈 😎.

There have been many #NeverGiveUp moments in my life (like catching an Auto-Rickshaw, fighting for change (money), etc). And from what I have experienced, I would just say one thing…. when we venture out into something difficult, we are more likely to create value. In such situations most of us have an attitude of backing off, thinking it won’t work… But guess what this attitude is what makes us weak and we don’t execute our task well. What if you think, There is a possibility. And if there is even a slightest possibility, then believe in yourself and you will succeed. #NeverGiveUp

Some Real Life Incidents