Inveterate Since Birth

Some things which we Indians do are so silly. Why do we do it…I have no idea but some might say its because its being done by our ancestors. But that doesn’t mean that whatever our ancestors did was right. Things change with time and change is good. So here are those few things:

  • We will buy new stuff but won’t use it. Like let’s say we go out and buy new clothes but we will wear it only on special occasions or let me frame it differently. You may want to wear the new clothes immediately but your mother might not allow.
  • We preserve so many things which have no significance. For example we will wear only few clothes and we will have a few set of clothes which we will never wear. And after span of like 5 years we will tell our family members, this is 5 years old and still in brand new condition. There is no point preserving such things. These things are meant to be consumed and that’s the very reason they are produced in the first place.
  • Indians love these plastic covers which comes along with all the electronics. Whether it is a smartphone, a tablet or even a car,¬†they will keep the plastic cover. And after a few months of use they will remove it. These electronics come with plastic covers so that when the consumer receives the product, it is in an excellent condition. Those plastic covers are not going to give any extraordinary protection from scratches. Yes they will avoid dirt from accumulating on the seat of your car but at the same time it will create discomfort. Smartphones are meant to be used without those plastic covers. e.g. I remember a professor who was just brilliant at teaching and use to take every kid’s case if the kid gave a wrong answer. But every time I saw the plastic cover on his brand new Samsung laptop, I along with few friends use to just laugh. It’s like the person who calls everyone a xyz (an abusive word) is himself a xyz.

After doing all these things we say that foreigners really know the true meaning of enjoyment. The fact is we need to stop doing these silly things to enjoy life.