The underlying goal of everyone’s life is to share and get happyness. But somehow most of us don’t understand what sharing happyness feels like. For instance, wherever money is involved, we try to hold ourself back and avoid spending. We give various reasons for this but we forget the simple fact that we are missing out on the invaluable happyness it will eventually give us and others.

e.g. I love to play Badminton but the good shuttlecocks are really costly (a regular player will know that) and very few are willing to spend few bucks on it. Even if there are many of us, no one will contribute. But as long as someone buys it and doesn’t ask for a single penny, everyone will join in (मुफ्त का चन्दन घिस मेरे नंदन 😜 😎). This is not what we want. We want to get and share happyness.

Imagine a world where no one shares knowledge…how will it grow?? When we know something we think we are too cool in that field/discipline. When someone approaches us regarding the topic, many of us try to teach the concepts half heartedly and skip many important points thinking the other person will surpass you. Imagine if you share the knowledge completely, not only will you feel happy but in return the person learning from you will feel more happy. Moreover that person will always respect you and remember you.

Every time we elect the Government, we expect better services but most of the Governments fail to understand this simple fact of life and hence don’t succeed.

How can we achieve peace when we can’t share happyness. What is the use of all that wealth when you can’t use it for something really worthwhile?? No point boasting that I am the richest xyz in the world. So to summarise, some of the most trivial things in life can bring happiness. So go out there, drink coke 🍹 and open happiness 😀