No Strings Attached

Ask the right questions at the right time and answer the questions with clarity. By clarity, I mean there should be no if’s or but’s attached to your answer. The best example I can think of is related with alcohol. I get these questions a lot. Do you drink? I have a simple answer to this. A straightforward No. There are no strings attached here. So there is no point in asking the same question again in a twisted form… You haven’t drunk alcohol even once? The fact that, I just said No, is good enough for you to understand that I haven’t drunk alcohol in my life. There are cases when people drink on occasions but not regularly and still say No. Now that’s where most of the people lack probity.

Some may say that there can be a scenario/situation where X person stopped drinking. Here the right answer to the question, Do you drink? would be I no longer drink. Scenarios/Situations change but answers need to be precise in context with the situation. You cannot foresee what you are going to do in future. But one thing that can be done is abiding by the principles and guidelines that you set.

जो चीज़ एक दो शब्दों मैं कही जा सकती है उससे घुमा फिरा के बोलने की कोई जरुरत नहीं है। जब सवाल का जवाब मिल गया उससे दोबारा अलग तरीके से पुचके कोई फायदा नहीं। (Whether it is asking or answering a question, be precise, clear, laconic and keep it simple).