Common Blunders

First thought that comes to my mind every time I think of this topic, is one of the many learnings that my Dad keeps giving, every morning while we travel to the ground for workout. To phrase it better, I will use the 3 Idiots dialogue (scene starts at 38th minute 39th second of the movie).

चाबुक के डर से तोह सर्कस का शेर भी उचलके कुर्सी पे बैठना सिख जाता है, पर हम उससे Well Trained कहते है Well Educated नहीं। (Even a circus lion learns to sit on a chair in fear of the whip but you call such a lion Well Trained, not Well Educated)

Why this dialogue? Why have I even highlighted Well Trained and Well Educated? I will answer all these questions. First let’s list down these silly issues 😎.

  • Elevator

    Some people have this habit of standing right in front of the elevator. And then when the elevator halts, there is a sudden epiphany, “Hey I need to move aside to let the people in elevator get out!”. This is what some people think. But some will just bash in. Why do you have to do this? I see this happen every single day at every single place I visit. We youngsters keep saying that we need this and that but guess what we ourselves do this. Every single student in my college does this. What is the use of saying that this young generation is so smart when they keep making such blunders.

  • Train

    Mumbai Railways is the lifeline for lakhs of people. Whether it is second class or first class, expect huge crowd. But along with that also expect a push which will not only get you in the train but also out of the train. It reminds me of the Pepsi Adना तमीज से खेला जाता है, ना तमीज से देखा जाता है।…Some minor modifications and I would convey my message as, ना तमीज से घुस्सा जाता है, ना तमीज से निकला जाता है।. Every single individual is in a hurry and just wants to board the train without thinking of the people who want to get off the train. No matter how many people are there in the train, the mentality is “I want to board the train”, just like Nike says, “Just Do It! 😝”. There are few who will skip 3 trains at once, thinking their dream train with minimal passengers will come. But guess what, when you are living in a city like Mumbai which has a population strength of 12 Million, you can’t expect such things. But one thing can be done….drink a cold drink (specifically Nimbooz 😝, if you seen the ad). One of my friend has very well captured the scenes of Mumbai Locals. Have a look and you might get a better understanding.

  • Overloading

    Every product goes under rigorous testing before it is made available to the consumers. There are some specifications which are tagged along with it. Along with specifications comes responsibilities. So the limitations just tag themselves along with the product. Like for example, the elevators have a limit on how many can board it. But most of skip those limitations and just say थोड़ा एडजस्ट करलो ना।

  • Push/Pull

    Many of us have pull the door when it says push and vice versa. Think about it. Read and proceed.

  • Criticism

    Most of the people have forgotten what appreciation means and feels like. With social media and technology boosting every single day, everyone wants their voice to be heard out loud. And the best way is to criticize something controversial. Well that’s one aspect. But in real life too we criticize a bit too much. e.g. Recently, the NetNeutrality wave hit India and there were several messages being circulated on how bad it is. AIB made a video explaining this and shared a link which everyone could use to create a custom message and just mail it to TRAI. Many did mail. But started criticizing right away, saying, My mails are bouncing off the servers. This is what is expected from the Government. But everyone is too busy to do the calculations or just think for some time why is this happening. Each mail sent was approximately 40KB. On the first day itself, approximately 160 thousand people mailed TRAI.

    That accounts to 160,000*40 KB of data that is 6.4GB

    No organization has support mail box size of such high limits. Moreover, this is just one specific query. TRAI receives loads of queries. That being considered, it’s mailbox limit has to shoot like a rocket. So please stop criticizing. I can give “n” number of examples. But I think every one is smart enough to think and answer.

    This is how Japanese say thank you i.e. appreciate other motorists.

    Jack Ma on Appreciation!

What is the Cause for this?

Its to do with these few people who come in first. By first, I mean those who are first in the queue to do something. Like for example, if one person breaks the traffic signal, others are bound to follow him. Now if a person does not break the signal even when he had an opportunity and follows the rules and regulations, others are bound to follow him. This is where the concept of Well Trained and Well Educated comes in. Some are trained to do these silly things and are not Well Educated. Rather, I would say are not Well Learned to understand these simple things. This is the cardinal reason for these blunders. Don’t be trained to do things. Become Well Learned or Well Educated (whatever suits you).