We come across different people, some reply to a message and some don’t. The sender always expects a response until and unless its an extremely silly thing or something that doesn’t need a reply. Now that we have additional message metadata such as read at, last seen, etc, most of them think it is fine if I don’t reply. But they are wrong.

Let’s put it like this. I may get a bit technical here but I think its an amazing way to explain. Consider a computer network with multiple machines connected via a switch or a router (consider it as a intermediary device for communication). When Machine A communicates with Machine B, Machine B has to respond that it has received the message. This message acts as an acknowledgement for the sender i.e. Machine A. Without this acknowledgement Machine A won’t proceed with next set of data or operation. What is important here is the Acknowledgement…How much ever we progress in technology, some things have to stay the way it is. Giving an acknowledgement either via a message or a call is the right thing to do.

So all those lazy people out there, acknowledge the message and don’t think that you are great if you don’t reply. Some things say a lot about someone’s personality.