E-mail is the most popular mode of communication in Business. Even for subscribing to newsletters, creating a new account online, etc, we use E-mail. As for advertisers and content creators, it is an effective mode for spreading information. This is because of the amazing click through rates that they get from E-mail. During the social networking boom, predictions were made about the Email’s future and longevity. Predictions made were in favour of Social Networking. But it seems, E-mail stayed and it is there to stay for quite a long time until a good alternative comes in.

E-mails can have content or they can be empty but what is annoying is when someone sends an E-mail without SUBJECT. The receiver has no clue about the E-mail’s content. The preview doesn’t show enough content in the inbox. And the preview isn’t meant to show most of the content else the essence of preview is lost. Imagine having hundreds of E-mails in your inbox without any SUBJECT. And that very moment, you realise that finding the right E-mail is not going to be an easy task. Now when the sender asks, “Hey can you search for that E-mail, I sent you…”. And the receiver is like which one as all the E-mails you send, do not have a SUBJECT. The funny part is when the sender is still behind you to find the mail.

Well some E-mail services have made it easier for searching by including the E-Mail content and Attachments in the search. But that is no reason to not include a SUBJECT. This is applicable to everyone and I personally think, SUBJECT should be made a required field. Currently, E-mail services just give a notification if you leave the SUBJECT field empty.

Why SUBJECT? SUBJECT gives me a brief idea of what I can expect in the E-mail’s content. And there are some things which you can instantly predict in the E-mail right from the SUBJECT. Hence Start mailing with SUBJECT!