Be A Good Man!

When someone asks you, What do you want to become when you grow up? Most of us talk about our ambitions. I would rather say I want to become a Good Man (Another thing My Dad use to keep telling me. But the difference is he wants me to become a Good Gentleman 😅). But question is What is a Good Man?

What does Good mean to me? It simply means don’t hurt anyone, be veracious and don’t be greedy (well be greedy when it comes to learning 😎). But does that mean that you should be good always. Anything in excess is bad. So you need to understand when to draw the line. You need have a tinge of selfishness, stubbornness, etc at times. By this you don’t contradict the definition of Good but you rather be more shrewd and smart. Learn where you need to maintain your stand on things and not let others take advantage of you. You need to understand when you are wrong and accept it. This is kind of difficult to do but totally worth it.

Let’s talk about some experiences. First let’s begin with being shrewd and smart. I was once asked by someone to help them with setting up something. I had asked him to provide me the exact details to avoid any miscommunication later on. We discussed the payment and just to ensure that the person is not faking it, I requested for the advance payment. The person happily sent the payment instantly. I worked on his machine remotely and got it configured. He asked several doubts and I solved a few of them and also sent him few links to resources just out of goodness. But slowly, I started realising the person wants me setup additional things. The thing is we never discussed about these things.

I took my stand and told him, if you want me to proceed we need to discuss this along with payment. He then gave an emotional reply saying, didn’t expect this from you and all. The EMOTIONAL DRAMA. I clearly said, there is something known as professionalism. I helped you setting up what we discussed but adding things one by one is no where near to the professionalism you expect from someone. There is something known as integrity. You maintain it, I maintain it. If you mess with it, I am sorry, I cannot help. Later on he did reply with an apology but this is exactly the kind of situations where you need to maintain your stand by being shrewd and smart.

Let’s talk about being good क्युकी हर हिंदी फिल्मों की तरह अंत मैं सब कुछ अछा ही होता है और अगर अंत अछा ना हो तोह पिच्चर अभी बाकि है मेरे दोस्त। (just like any hindi movie, all endings are happy but if the ending is not happy then the movie is still left my friend). We always remember how much someone owes us. It is indeed good to remember such things but till a limit. One day my friend didn’t buy bread and took two slices from my packet and the very next moment he is like, let me know how much I owe you for the two slices of bread. In my head, I am like, dude are you serious. I am not even going to compute that. Its going to be some cents. I am not here to kill you. You can have it. Other incidents which I can recollect is when someone asks for something, don’t look at the person from the perspective whether he/she is good or bad. Just help them. Like, I have seen people responding to people late and ignoring them just because they don’t like them or something. But thing is what are you going to gain from that. Think Good! Do Good! (another quote my Dad keeps telling me. He is too cool 😎)